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First Fastener Demonstration

     News from Ningbo Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2016, Zhenhai District Fastener Industry Association member companies accounted for about 30% of Ningbo, 1/16 of nationwide,which has achieve industrial output value of 3.8 billion. export delivery value of 1.4 billion, total profits and taxes 120 million yuan, and has a 3% increase year-on-year, the international competitiveness is rising.
     Ningbo is the "China Fastener Capital", as the country's first fastener export quality and safety demonstration area, the way Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to improve Zhenhai District and the overall quality of export fasteners safety management and core competitiveness to promote fasteners Export steady growth, and steadily promote the country's first national export fasteners quality and safety demonstration area construction has come into notice.
     It is understood that in 2017, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Zhenhai District People's Government signed a memo to joint develop regional foreign trade, which will comprehensively promote the national fastener export quality and safety demonstration area as an important task. In the process of export quality and safety demonstration area of export fasteners, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, through the linkage of departments, implements the four strategies of intellectual property, standardization, brand and management, constructs quality and safety assurance, quality technical support, quality and integrity, quality evaluation System, to play a demonstration area of the enterprise radiation demonstration effect.Up to now, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau organized 62 enterprises to attend product quality analysis, to help fasteners Association draft industry alliance standards, to strengthen the control of product quality; to guide Dongxin fasteners, field fasteners and many other enterprises Declared well-known trademarks in Ningbo City, Zhenhai District, excellent performance quality management projects and 5S quality management to enhance the project.
     Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Ningbo Technical Trade Measures Integrated Service Center, give full play to the advantages of inspection and quarantine to deal with foreign technical barriers to trade, joint industry associations to build fasteners to foreign technical barriers to trade services platform, to Zhenhai District fasteners business to provide trade Early warning, certificate of origin training, product testing, booking visas, fast customs clearance and other service initiatives.
     According to statistics, since 2016, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau visited more than 45 fastener enterprises, to help solve problem more than 36 times,which related to foreign technology trade barriers related issues. To carry out fastener demonstration area enterprise certificate training 2 times. A total of more than 100 business participants, 123 people involved in knowledge training, let fastener manufacture well know the certificate of origin and to apply regulately,which help to better use the golden key of origin certificate.According to reports, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau develop an information technology software "fastening the world" App will be on-line use in Jan.1st.The App will provide a full range of information services to the Zhenhai fastener enterprise. The App mainly includes industry information , Supply , demand plate, service hall, service items,fasteners procurement and supply, total six theme plate.
     At the end of March 2017, APP downloads 620 times, the platform network co-integrated service agencies is 16 times. 29 times services provided,which organized various types of service activities 125, completed a total of 41,000 services. There are 216 enterprises involved.
     Zhenhai Fastener Demonstration Zone uses the "fastening world" App to achieve the area fastener "Internet + action plan", which has gradually become new channel that the government, departments and associations to manage, coordinate, service fasteners business. The App also has become a new window to external publicity and more foreign investment,a new platform to purchase ,stock and sales.