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Cement Fasteners Meet Standards

     Product quality and operation methods will affect the safety of the final product. Therefore, on one hand,we have to ensure that the product quality,strictly control materials, processes and other aspects. On the other hand, can not ignore the normative aspects of the operation. Australia, on a legal basis to strictly regulate the construction of cement fasteners use requirements and operation.
On the international level, there are some cases of serious failure of cement tightening operations and unuseful of anchor bolt products. The reason for the failure is that the selection and design of fasteners are not rigorous or the installation is flawed. In view of that, since 2016, the Australian National Building Code (NCC) provides that cement construction must be used for specific operating purposes of cement special fasteners and bolts. Now that the NCC regulations are enforced, the offenders will be sued.
To meet the TS101: 2015 standard, fasteners or anchors must be pre-certified to pass the required performance level test, otherwise the technician must take the risk to propose an alternative.
As a result, it will lead to higher quality and security, which will reduce the risk for the construction industry experts, most end users and the public.