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Dacromet performance
     1. Thin coating The thickness of the chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating is usually 8-10μm;
     2. No hydrogen embrittlement No pickling is used in the coating process, which avoids the generation of hydrogen embrittlement;
     3. Bimetallic Corrosion Resistance The aluminum flakes in the chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating eliminate the typical bimetallic microcell corrosion that occurs when most zinc coatings are closely mated with aluminum or steel.
     4. Resistant to organic solvents As an inorganic coating, it is resistant to organic solvents;
     5. Heat resistance The coating maintains excellent corrosion resistance even after 3 hours of high-temperature heat treatment at 300°C;
     6. Conductivity Metal zinc and aluminum flakes stacked together in the coating allow current to pass through and conduct to the substrate;
     7. Corrosion resistance For threaded parts, the chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating of 8-10μm can withstand 720h salt spray test without red rust; for non-threaded fastening, it can reach 1000h. The salt spray corrosion resistance of the pure chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating is slightly inferior to that of the zinc-chromium coating, but it is equivalent to the performance of the zinc-chromium coating in the cyclic corrosion test simulating the real natural environment.