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Environmental protection galvanized
With social requirements, environmental protection projects are increasingly on the agenda for process treatment. Therefore, many manufacturers pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues for surface heat treatment.
Environmental protection electroplating surface treatment process
Although there is still no definite standard for the definition of environmentally friendly electroplating surface treatment, generally speaking, environmentally friendly electroplating means that it will not endanger the environment and human safety during the production process; some foreign institutions also stated that environmentally friendly electroplating must meet The following principles: increase safety, reduce waste and reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, based on multiple definitions and standards, environmentally friendly electroplating actually refers to a safe and low-pollution electroplating process. In the surface treatment industry, the industry can avoid the use of several electroplating processes to achieve environmentally friendly electroplating. These processes include cyanide-containing electroplating processes and electroplating processes containing hexavalent chromium components.
Environmental protection electroplating surface treatment process
Chemical degreasing--water washing--soaking in acetone---water washing---chemical roughening water washing sensitization--water washing--activation--reduction--chemical copper plating--water washing bright sulfate copper plating--water washing-- Bright sulfate nickel plating--washing--bright chrome plating--washing and drying for inspection.